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Rainbowkit is an open-source React library that makes it easy to add a wallet connection to your website. Find it on GitHub here. is a fun and beautiful way to share your Ethereum wallet with friends. You can also lurk on any wallet's contents using its address or ENS because why not?

Here's Vitalik's wallet as an example. Since his ENS is vitalik.eth, you can view it at either or


An iOS app made for those of us living one day at a time. Get it here.


Percent is a system to track overarching life goals and analyze if you're actually sticking to them.

The idea came from a personal process I did myself for several months to quantify my life on a weekly basis.


A love letter to the golden Soundcloud era (circa 2013), Vibes is an online radio with playlists for every vibe. Check it out at


Primer is an open-source beginner's guide to crypto and web3. If you're interested in learning more about crypto or know someone who is, send them to!

If you're interested in contributing or adding to it, feel free to make a PR in the GitHub repo.


I created 1,000,000 Non-Infinite Cosmic Optimism tokens ($NICO) and have a small liquidity pool pricing $NICO at about $1 USD on Uniswap. I'm hoping to use these as access tokens for future projects... Long live magic internet money.

This is not financial advice and I have no idea what I'm doing, but trade $NICO here. You should only need exactly 10, so please don't drain the pool!

Zero Skips

Zero Skips is a 7-track, zero-skips playlist dropping every week. Subscribe here to get it in your inbox Tuesday nights.

Another Day in the Simulation

Inspired by Elon's Occupy Mars t-shirt, I created ADITS in 2018 after spending too much time thinking about the simulation theory.

First collection is out (Classic) -- store is paused while I create a few more collections!